Current Projects


Blue Spring State Park is a vitally important warm-water winter sanctuary for the threatened Florida manatee in the Upper St. John's River.  A number of manatees are rescued from Blue Spring State Park each year as part of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP) for various causes such as boat strikes, entanglements, cold stress, or other issues.  After successful rehabilitation, many manatees are re-released at Blue Spring State Park.

The current location to do so needs major upgrades to make this process as safe as possible for both staff as well as the manatees. Currently, the manatee staging area is the old canoe beach, which has eroded to the point that there is frequently no beach at all.  Access to this beach is currently an old, narrow, winding boardwalk, with steep wooden steps.  A wide, shallow ramp, in a straight line, potentially with very shallow steps, would make this much easier and safer for humans and manatees. 

Manatee rescues and releases are of great interest to the public and always draw a crowd. The current old canoe beach is somewhat derelict in appearance, especially for one of the highest-density manatee winter refuges.  A well-designed staging area with interpretive displays would be ideal. The new area would provide an outreach opportunity for interpretation/education about rescues, manatees, and the partnerships that help keep them safe. 

The Friends of Blue Spring State Park are working with many partners to make this project a reality! And you can help! Make a tax-deductible donation today to support this important project.


Current Projects

  • Manatee Rescue and Release Area
  • Development of "Members Appreciation" Events
  • Development of various fundraising events throughout the year to support park projects
  • Assisting the park with multiple improvement projects (details to be announced)
  • Volunteer Recruitment