November 2018 Agenda

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Friends of Blue Spring State Park

November Meeting Agenda


  1. Review of Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports


  1. Old Business

-Orange City Christmas Parade updates

            -decorations (rockin’ around the Xmas tree, advertise Blue Spring Rocks?)

            -check lights

            -volunteers to walk (stuffed manatees, CSO tshirts (Karen), Xmas hats)

            -banner w/pole for stability?

-Manatee Festival updates

            -volunteers to staff both days

                        in BSSP

                        in Valentine Park

-Membership updates (Cora)

            Wild Apricot renewal

-Mosaic manatee repair update

-A-Frame Event boards for CSO?

-Woodshed update


  1. New Business/Purchases

-Purchase new projector screens for programs; one portable and one for mounting (Darrell)

-Term limits for officers in by-laws?

-New desk for new PSS? (Michael)

-District CSO meeting (Michael)

-Cigarette disposal receptacle?


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