June 2019 Agenda

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Friends of Blue Spring State Park

June Agenda (6-3-19)


  1. Review Minutes and Treasurer’s Report
  2. Outreach
  3. Giveaways – Any updates on items/pricing?
  4. Shirts – Any updates?
  5. Summer members only event – Scrub Jay Walk
  6. Any other upcoming Events?
  7. Equipment for Manatee Observer Program
  8. Additional kayak for Observer Program
  9. Additional set of equipment (2 radios, 2 PFD’s, 2 yellow vests, 2 paddles)
  10. Organizing CSO as membership grows
  11. Elections/Reorganization of Board
  12. Revisit bylaws
  13. Corporate Sponsorship Levels - Photos
  14. Clearly defined committees, Exec committee roles & responsibilities, etc. – advertise subcommittees to ALL members via email, website. Job descriptions, new suggested titles – web master, photographer, program coordinator, newsletter editor, membership coordinator etc.
  15. Annual meeting with ALL members?
  16. Create BSSP CSO handbook
  17. New business?
  18. Set date for July meeting






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